I am working professionally as a UI Developer / Front-End Developer since 2009, worked as Software Engineer in Photon Infotech and now as Senior Software Engineer in Mindtree Ltd. I worked for Target Corporation’s mobile e-commerce site, “m.target.com” for last 1 year. Along the way I've acquired rock solid HTML and CSS skills, a strong working knowledge of JavaScript/jQuery/requirejs/Angularjs. Specialized in Design Conceptualization, User Experience, Interface designs, UI development and JavaScript development for large Web based applications.




m.target.com - Grid View

The grid view, displays two items per row in portrait and three items in landscape mode. The development was done completely from FE without modifying the jsp codes/logic using jQuery, CSS.


m.target.com - DVM Ads

To display google ads after second item in list and fourth item in grid. Since google completely blocks changes to its ad location and other features, had to research and implement to achieve this.


m.target.com - Stay on ATC

This feature helps the user directly go to checkout or payment page from the product listing page by skipping the product display page and cart page. I developed the “stay on ATC” overlay based on the json responses and display it. Conversion rate increased highly due to this feature. Worked with a BE JSP Developer for the json response.


m.target.com - Pre-Select Variation

The option were needed to be Pre-Selected which has one option, based on the inventory. This implementtion required lot of scripts to be written on the json response


m.target.com - Prominent SignIn

This allows the users to directly sign in from any page in m.target.com. The prominent sign in overlay also had the option to view the store details (done based on cookie), a link to create account and red card page and also the signed in details.



Details of Using Target RedCard related policies etc., Access your Redcard - check your credit card account balance, make a payment, manage your PIN details are given


Ivan Jones

Ivan Jones is free cooking recepei website a cms website PHP is used as Backend



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